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User Manual

First View

The weight is made of powder coated aluminum.

to measure weight we use Resistance Strain In metal connected to Digital signal converter work on chip Hx.

Dimension 600 x 550 mm, total High 100mm.

After unpacking

Before unpacking, always check the completeness of the kit and that no damage occurred during transport. The completeness of the weighing base kit and the absence of damage is a guarantee of the correct operation of the Weighing Base under ULE.

The composition of the set:

Base with weighing module (plugs of base profiles pcs4 ( or 6 to 8, this is individual for difference of version).

  • Battery container
  • GSM / LTE antenna
  • GSM module Controller (mounted on the top of the base.

Initial parameter setting

Confirmation of Account creation on the server: [[1]] setting up and linking the device entry with GSM Controller descriptions, descriptions, descriptions and so on and so forth

SIM CARD Instalation

Sim card we instaled directly in GSM Controller. Dimension of SIM CARD is


This basic size for older cellular phones. all GSM operator sell this dimension cad.

Instalation is very easy ( look on under images )

Montaz karty


For check of good location of WEIGHT SET UNIT user can check of signal who is delivered from antenna to GSM MODULE User can send SMS command do WEIGHT SET UNIT ( GSM MODULE) in syntax: 1234: signat=?

GSM MODULES check value and answer to sender SMS: 16:23:59, 12 lutego 2018 rssi=-79 dBm, ber=0

What is RSSI ?

RSSI: - (Received Signal Strength Indicator) - auxiliary measure; an indicator of received signal strength, including interference, thereby poorly translating into the strength of the useful signal delivered to the user; greater data transfer activity, larger RSSI and accepts values:

higher or equal to -51 dBm and -73 dBm very good signal strength
between -75 dBm and signal strength - 85 dBm
between -87 dBm to -93 dBm low signal strength (look for a better location
less than -95 dbm signal power very poor

Battery installation

The weighing base is powered by razmiar C (R14). they may be alkaline or Nickel-Cadmium or other batteries However, it should be remembered that the recommended cell by the manufacturer is Alkaline size C industrial cells (R14) with a capacity of 9000mA. This amount of energy should last for 3 months without interruption. The use of Standard Cells type C (R14) is strictly forbidden. only Alkaline cells or equivalent ensures trouble-free operation of the weighing base. On the graph You can see Volt degrees, new batter have 12V to 12.3V . Minimal for good work is 4.5V, if You see 4.5V = Batteries must be changed. Normal work for one set of battery is of battery is circle about 3 month.

  • Battery installation

The batteries should be placed in the battery container, paying special attention to maintaining the correct polarization of the cells. This Container is located on the other side than andtena and GSM module ( see image).

Waga Pasieczna foto do instrukcji 06.jpg


The balance is pre-programmed for each User before shipment. At the time of initial programming, an email is sent to the client with the server's address (, username and password for logging in and browsing to the data.


Sending Data to the server

After initial programming, the balance sends data from the balance to the individual user account. The connection to the GSM network takes place every 4 hours and the data sent includes hourly readings. Summing up, the data packet sent every 4 hours contains data from 4 parameter readings every 1 hour. Therefore, the user sees hourly readings on the graph. NOTE if the connection and sending data took place at 9 o'clock in the morning, we can see new data from 6, 7 8 and 9, the next data appears after the next transmission, in 4 hours, so the data update will be shown at 13 o'clock.

Other SMS command for help of USERS

Some command You can send directly to GSM MODULE.

DESCRIPTION OF COMMANDS: Commands can be issued by SMS or via a dedicated application or any terminal (eg Hyperterminal in Windows) that supports COM serial ports. The command issued by the SMS is: authorization code: command = parameters for example:

If You have TARE ( e.g for 0.0kg after stand beehive on weight module, after send this command WEIGHT SET send 0.0 value from this command ) You can send SMS command to Your GSM MODULE.

sms format: SEND to gsm SIM CARD phone number.
commands via SMS:
   1234:HX711tare        -  sets TARE to SET UNIT, after this command SET UNIT send to server value "0" of with weight.
1234:signal=? - checking the signal strength from the GSM network in units RSSI
1234 is individual pin code of USER,  1234 is preprograming factory PIN CODE .

other codes in next version MANUAL

All SMS messages must start with this PIN code, all users can individually change this code according to their needs.

Use Web page function

Please go to and login to individual Your account ( delivery to You emailbox after buy or before send parcel). after go to web page You can see this screen


at right battom screen any user can switch language between English (en) and Polish (pl) language. Next step is click on LogIn Button ( right top) Server02 login.jpg System display LogOn Windows and ask for fill this. Server03 login-window.jpg